Welcome to Cooking for Keeps! I’m Nicole, longtime cook and foodie, budding food blogger and photographer. This microscopic corner of the Internet is where I share my passion for cooking by showing you what I love to make. I wholeheartedly believe you can eat all things in moderation, so I do! I try not to diet, but instead indulge when I feel like it, and eat healthy the other 75% of the time.

I do all my cooking in Prairie Village, Kansas; an adorable little town in suburbia Kansas City, where I live with my fresh from the chapel handsome hubby and our little teddy bear bichon toy poodle mix, Ravioli. (Yes, I named my dog after my favorite pasta.) We just bought our first home a year ago, a darling cape cod style house that we’re still trying to make our own.

Here a few random food and non-food related facts about yours truly.

1. I love love love to cook, but only like to bake

2. I absolutely loathe milk – I can’t even smell it to make sure it’s still good

3. My husband and I were neighbors growing up and I had a HUGE crush on him in the 8th grade – he didn’t even know I existed until we were 23

4. I started cooking at just seven years old when I got my first Barbie Bake Oven – my friend Meghan and I made a killer Ken’s deep dish pizza

5.I’m OBSESSED with salt – the overuse of it can’t be good for my health

6.My guilty pleasures are Kraft Mac and Cheese and Lipton Pasta sides

7. My motto in home decorating is “light and bright” I think my husband wants to kill me each time I say it with a smile

8. Gold is my favorite color

9. I learned pretty much everything I know about cooking from my Mom – she’s a fabulous cook and even dabbled in a little catering while I was growing up

10. I find cooking after a long day’s work is completely therapeutic, but come Friday I’m ready to go out on the town and have someone feed me.

11. I would choose savory over  sweet in a heartbeat

12. I cannot wait to be a soccer mom someday, but for now I’m enjoying life as a newlywed, being mommy to Ravioli the dog, traveling, shopping and of course eating lots and lots of food!

If you’d like to chat (I’d love to!), please see my Contact Me page!