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Happy love day!!

I’m going to forgo a Valentine’s Day recipe today in lieu of a food blogger Friday since I’m sure you already have your plans for tonight set. The groceries have most likely have been purchased, the reservations have been made and the outfit has been picked. BUT just in case your dinner plans are still up in the air, may I suggest a sure-to-please menu with you?

For a light hors d’oeuvre, nibble on these peppadew stuffed peppers paired with a chilled glass of bubbly. Follow up with these rich and totally Valentine’s Day worthy pomegranate short ribs with homemade spaetzle. (The pomegranates are SO festive!) Finish up by satisfying your sweet tooth with these chocolate and peanut butter hearts or these nutella and peanut butter phyllo bites. Your husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend will love you for life.

Me, I’ll be making a “man” dinner for my husband comprised of steaks with brandy cream sauce, crispy smashed potatoes, roasted asparagus, warm rolls and this red velvet chocolate molten cake; and then Kev will be taking me out to our favorite Italian restaurant for a nice romantic and carb-driven meal on Saturday. I can’t wait!

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Today’s food blogger Friday recipe is from Laura, one of my very favorite bloggers, and the writer/photographer behind Blogging over Thyme. Laura is a culinary school graduate who worked in restaurants and then finally decided to make Blogging over Thyme her full-time gig, and boy is the Internet world overjoyed she made that decision.

What I love about Laura’s recipes is they aren’t overly trendy, they’re typically classic with a modern twist, and always taken up a notch. And her photographs? Stunning. I mean, check out this Double Dark Chocolate Tart with Homemade Spun Sugar. CRAZY gorgeous. Doesn’t it look like it could be on the cover of Bon Appétit? The girl is seriously talented.

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There are countless recipes of Laura’s I’d love to make (and will eventually), but when she did a whole week of soups during a particularly bitter week here, I knew I had to make one of them.

Chicken tortilla happened to be the final soup of the week, and coincidently I was craving the very same soup (it’s one of my favorites!) and planning on making it that night, but had yet to find a recipe I was happy with. Talk about falling into place.

I’m so happy to report that it turned out phenomenally, and the recipe couldn’t be easier.

Chilies are toasted and blended with fire-roasted tomatoes, softened onions and garlic and then simmered in chicken broth until the flavors meld together. The day Laura posted the recipe, I think I made the comment that the broth just looked so flavorful, and let me assure you, it lives up to my assumption — the broth is so flavorful. The chilies add a bold, smoky undertone that isn’t at all overpowering, and the fire-roasted tomatoes add the perfect amount of kick without lighting your whole mouth on fire.

I prefer my soup loaded to the brim with accouterments – cilantro, avocado, tortilla chips, cheese and sour cream (not pictured), but I’m telling you, I could literally drink a bowl of the broth alone, it’s that good.

Head on over to Blogging over Thyme to get the recipe!

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