Tequila Lime Steak and Poblano Quesadillas with Citrus Sour Cream

Tequila Lime Stead and Poblano Quesadillas with Citrus Sour Cream

Quesadillas were never really my thing.

Key word – were.

Tequila Lime Steak and Poblano Quesadillas with Citrus Sour Cream

It’s not that I disliked them per se, because what’s not to enjoy about two crispy tortillas sandwiched between copious amounts of melted cheese? They just weren’t something I would ever in a million years order when present on a menu. To me, there were infinitely more interesting items to choose from (regardless if I was at a Mexican restaurant or hole-in-the-wall bar), plus quesadillas are single-handedly the easiest thing on the entire earth to make at home…well aside from a PB&J or grilled cheese sandwich.

I’d always secretly scoffed at my dining companions immature palates when they’d order a plate of unexciting chicken quesadillas, and then have the nerve to offer me a bite. I appreciate the generosity, but I’m good with my mini corn dog nuggets thankyouverymuch. (Clearly my palate was much more refined than everyone else, because a mini hot dog dunked in batter and deep-fried is totally gourmet.)

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Baked Chicken Parmesan Poppers

Baked Chicken Parmesan Poppers

Chicken parmesan was one of the very first meals I made my junior year of college when I took the big leap and got an apartment off-campus instead of living in my sorority house – against my mother’s advice. While I dabbled in a little bit of cooking the previous summer, my main priorities were getting the perfect sun-kissed glow, a minimum-wage part-time job at Beauty Brands and going to the lake as often as possible.

The year before, I lived in the sorority house, so virtually all of my meals were prepared on a daily basis; the only cooking I managed to sneak in was when I was home for break. Suffice it to say, my cooking skills had become a little bit rusty when I branched out on my own.

I was pretty confident I could crank out something similar to the chicken parmesan I was picturing in my head, but quickly looked up a recipe from my Cooking Light cookbook for a little bit of backup. I ended up going with my gut and not following the recipe in the slightest, which marked the very first day I felt confident enough to start creating practically all my own recipes. I’d adapted recipes before, since I’ve never been one to follow direction explicitly, but I’d never truly come up with my very own recipe from start to finish.

Baked Chicken Parmesan Poppers

Since then I’ve come up with thousands of my own recipes, but chicken parmesan is one that’s become a sort of go-to in my cooking arsenal, not only because it’s an easy meal to throw together, but also because foodies and picky eaters alike universally love it. I’ve had fun coming up with different variations on the classic preparation in the past, but I think these Chicken Parmesan Poppers might be my favorite adaptation yet.

And lucky for you, they’re the perfect addition to your game day menu.

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Loaded Bacon Cheeseburger Totchos

Loaded Bacon Cheeseburger Totchos PS

Let’s talk football food. Because lord knows I’ve got nothing of substance to say about the actual game itself. The only reason I even know who the two teams playing in “the game” are, is because of this whole deflated ball hoopla going on. I don’t watch sports center, but I sure as heck keep up on … Read more»

Beer and Balsamic Braised Pork Cavatappi

Beer and Balsamic Braised Pork Cavatappi PS1

If I closed my eyes and pictured what the ultimate plate of comfort food would look like, something very similar to this Beer & Balsamic Braised Pork Cavatappi would pop into my head. Which is kind of ironic, because I’ve never really been one to blindly order a meat-heavy sauce; in most … Read more»

Chickpea Soup with Kale and Bacon

Chickpea Soup with Kale and Bacon PS1

Aside from being nose-deep into the thought-provoking memoir (yeah right), The Andy Cohen Diaries, the deeply disturbing Sharp Objects and the food-filled novel, Off the Menu, my mind has had eight consecutive days of brain-less activities. I’m now convinced I’ve actually lost a few brain cells … Read more»

Pan-Roasted Salmon with Garlicky Kale and Citrus Vinaigrette

Pan-Roasted Salmon with Garlicky Kale and Citrus Vinaigrette PS1

Vacation is good for the soul and the mind. The body? Not so much. My back hurts from the bed I initially thought to comfortable, but morning after morning found to be quite the opposite. (Although the view I woke up to more than made up for the lack of a feather mattress and pillow-y down … Read more»

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