Healthy One Pot Chili Macaroni


One pot dinners have quickly become an obsession of mine – I can’t stop!! Head on over to Oh Sweet Basil to hear me talk about where the inspiration for this Healthy (Yup! You heard that right.) One Pot Chili Mac came from, and I can promise it will be a new family favorite!!

Hope you all have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend!

{The BEST and Healthy} Brown Butter French Onion Dip

Brown Butter French Onion Dip 2

A dip is a dip is dip, right?

Brown Butter French Onion Dip 6


Saying that all dips are created equal is pretty much like blanketing all pizza as identical, which we all know is indisputably false. There are hand-tossed and thin crust pizzas. Red sauced and white sauced pizzas. Pizza pies and calzones. Chicago and New York style. The list goes on and on.

In the case of dips, the variations are even more vast. There are cheese dips (that’s a sub-category in and of itself). Bean Dips. Spinach dips. Salsas. Tapenades. Guacamole. No dip is alike, and most don’t even boast similar ingredients.

Of course, some dips are more mainstream than others – take for instance, good old-fashioned French onion dip. This particular dip is one that has graced pretty much every single American tabletop at one point or another. Typically this dip is chock-full of sodium and likely from a little blue box picked up in the processed food isle at the grocery store. While I don’t chastise those that use a prepared mix, I do want those people to know that there are infinitely better options out there.

Brown Butter French Onion Dip 8

So! That brings us to the dip I deem the most delicious. It’s infinitely better than store-bought and universally swooned over by picky and seasoned eaters alike. And bonus? The stuff is actually decently healthy.

The original recipe is actually adapted from Amy Thieland, you may have seen her on the Food Network. Her food is down-to-earth and approachable, but has just a little somethin’ somethin’ that elevates it to the next level, which is what initially drew me in. She’s quickly become one of my favorite personalities on the network, not only for her amazing food (it’s centered on the Midwest which I love), but also for her calming personality and innate ease on screen.

Brown Butter French Onion Dip 5
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5 Ingredient Jalapeno Cheddar Biscuits 6

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Roasted Fig, Blue Cheese and Prosciutto Tartines

Roasted Fig, Blue Cheese and Proscuitto Tartines PS1

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Skinny Shrimp and Crab Enchiladas with Tomatilla and Hatch Pepper Sauce PS2

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