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Today’s post is a little different. I’ve talked a little bit about how life is all about balance, and when I say that, I mean it. I can’t count how many times I get asked how I maintain a healthy lifestyle with all the food I crank out; people just don’t believe I eat everything I make. And the truth is, I do, honestly.

I eat everything that comes out of my kitchen and everything that makes it on to this blog, sometimes several times. But, with that said, it’s not like I’m slaving away in my kitchen every single day cranking out recipes for this space. I try to limit the blog cooking to two days a week; I crank out three or four recipes and then the rest of the week I make other, healthier meals for Kev and me. Also, I try everything I make, but for the most part, the leftovers get wrapped up and either taken to work with Kevin, or if it’s a dessert, I take it in to my part-time job I work two days a week (that I can’t let go of!) and let them demolish the surplus food.

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Breakfast is something that I rarely go the indulgent route on, it’s kind of my sanity and I thoroughly enjoy starting my day off with something ridiculously healthy but also something that’s going to fill me up until lunch. Day to day my breakfast situation changes, but for the most part I rotate between three different items; one egg whole and one egg white, scrambled on whole-grain toast, steel-cut oats with bananas, brown sugar and almonds or Greek yogurt with fruit.

Recently, POPSUGAR Select asked me to participate in a program with Chobani where I got to try a variety of different flavors from Chobani’s new Simply 100 Greek Yogurt, and it has instantly become my new favorite way to eat breakfast. I am a scrupulous person when it comes to choosing yogurts, and have several requirements; they must be low in calories, low in sugar and high in protein – something Simply 100 Greek Yogurt nails right on the head.

My favorite flavor so far is the Raspberry Lemon, (but I also love the Strawberry, and Key Lime) which boasts only seven grams of sugar (practically unheard of in a flavored yogurt), 100 calories, five grams of protein and twelve grams of protein. Seriously healthy, and so good. While it’s delicious on its own, I’ve been mixing it up with whatever fresh fruit I’ve got in the fridge and then supplementing it with a piece of whole-wheat toast slathered with almond butter – heaven.

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Balance isn’t hard if you’ve got the right tools to make it happen….

This post was sponsored by Chobani Simply 100 Greek Yogurt through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Simply 100 Greek Yogurt, all opinions are my own.”

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