Lasagna Calzones 8 Even though there’s a major snowstorm on the horizon for Kansas City this weekend, I can still see spring just around the corner. It’s not because we’re one short day away from March, it’s not because my looming Grecian vacation is just dangling in front of me, and it’s definitely not because of the 20 something degree temperatures. Nope, it’s because today was the very first day since October I walked out of work at 5pm and it was as bright as high noon. It was the first day, I had to wear my sunglasses the whole car ride home. And it was the very first day I walked into my house and it wasn’t pitch black.

The days are getting longer, the sun is shining more often and I can just feel warmer days coming. So instead of being angry about the 4-8 inches of snow and sleet coming our way, I’m going to take it all in, just in case it may be the last until next winter. Pretty please be the last.

Today I’m posting over at Oh Sweet Basil and talking about shoes and these cheesy lasagna calzones. Oh the cheese! These guys taste just like lasagna in calzone form, are perfect for kids and adults alike, and just downright delicious. Head on over to Oh Sweet Basil to check out the full post and recipe.

Have a great weekend my friends!

Lasagna Calzones 7

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