Mini Sweet Potato Gratins take all of your favorite parts of sweet potato casserole and transform them into an adorable, miniature version of a classic.

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I know today is Halloween, but I’ve got Thanksgiving on my mind.

Stuffing and Turkey. Pumpkin and pecan Pie.

Savory nibbles and dips.

Mashed potatoes and gravy.

And these mini sweet potato gratins. Adorable, no?

Sweet Potato Gratins have all of the flavors of a sweet potato souffle — brown sugar, nuts and butter — with the structure of a gratin. A muffin tin aids in keeping each thinly sliced layer of sweet potato standing tall, and serves as the base of the sweet and crunchy topping of caramel sauce and chopped hazelnuts. Each layer is drizzled with a touch of olive oil, sprinkled with salt and pepper and then drowned in a cinnamon laced milk mixture. Once they’re done baking, the whole pan is inverted and each gratin slips out, leaving a sticky trail of gooey caramel sauce dripping down each layer of sweet potato.

Hurry on over to Oh Sweet Basil to get the full story and recipe today!

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