Kale Salad with Butternut Squash, Pancetta and Blue Cheese 2

Do you feel as plump as I do on this lovely Monday morning? Please say yes and make me feel a smidge bit better about myself. I took the, you-can-eat-whatever-you-want-one-day-a-year mantra up a notch to you-can-eat-whatever-you-want-one-whole –week-out-of-the-year, since the eating didn’t stop after Thanksgiving; it kept going and going and going….and going.

It looked a little something like this: eat giant Thanksgiving dinner, recover, eat McDonalds breakfast, eat leftover Thanksgiving meal, eat Mexican, eat ice cream, recover, and repeat. Now here I am; full, happy and five pounds heavier.

I can’t think of a better way to ease out of the gluttonous weekend than with this salad. Full of vibrant and hearty kale, sweet butternut squash and spotted with crispy pancetta and tangy blue cheese vinaigrette — keep in mind, I said we were easing into healthy eating, not jumping in head first.

Since the holiday was Thursday and in my book, Friday was holiday too, my usual For Chic Sake Friday post was postponeed to today, so head on over there to get the recipe and I’ll be back tomorrow!

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