What’s your favorite fall ingredient? I have about a hundred, but the chosen one right now is figs – only because they’ve been gracing the produce isles of just about every single grocery store within a ten mile radius of my house. Tomorrow, it could be pumpkin or apple or cinnamon or whatever fall ingredient that’s being showcased anywhere near me, but for today I’m focused on figs.

I’ve already been recipe testing with them since mid-August, so head on over to For Chic Sake to get the recipe for these fig and goat cheese puff pastry bites. They’re adorable, super easy and perfect for the fall cocktail party you’ve been dying to throw.

FYI. Starting on Monday life here will be all about pumpkin, stews, casseroles and fall flavors galore – oh and more football food, are you sick of pretzels yet? I hope not. Have a fantabulous weekend all.

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