This week has been one of those weeks – it’s been crazy busy, but crazy busy in a good way. Here it is in a nutshell: I had my first bridal shower (see pic below with my adorable future niece Caroline and newphew Will), my wonderful future in-laws were in town, we had dinners out, an end of tax season party with Kev’s co-workers, a seminar at my work, my Grandmother’s 94th birthday – yup, you read that right 94, AND I have a 6am flight tomorrow en route to Rochester, New York to visit my best friend Jackie and her newborn baby. Whew. It was exhausting just typing that! Needless to say, I’ve had zero time to cook, let alone pull the computer out to edit pictures.


I’ll have a new post up tomorrow when I have some time to blog on my flight, but in the meantime, I’m going to talk about a little award I was given by the lovely Madeline at Netlix and Nutella. She recently nominated yours truly for the Liebster Blog award – there’s nothing more rewarding than one of my peers letting me know that (REAL) people actually read my blog – and like it! It’s times like these, I feel all my hard work is paying off – and what a great feeling that is. So, you may ask what in the heck is a Liebster award? Well, basically it’s recognition of up and coming blogs and is supposed to provide a little encouraging push to keep on blogging. Again, thank you Madeline!


The rules:

~Give 11 random facts about yourself

~Answer the 11 questions from the person that nominated you

~Nominate 11 other blogs that you love (must be up and coming and not have a gigantic following yet

~Give those you nominate 11 questions for them to answer

 11 Random Facts about Myself

1. My Mom and I took a cooking class in Italy on the Amalfi coast one summer while I was studying abroad

2. I’ve been cooking since I was five or six when I got my first easy bake oven

3. I’m horrible at laundry – I start it and then forget about it 20 minutes later

4. I’m a terrible driver – I’ve wrecked my car five times in the last five years — most of which were just fender benders, but still, I shouldn’t be allowed to drive anymore

5. I’m obsessed with Celine Dion

6. My decorating motto in my home is” light and bright”

7. I’m the ultimate girly girl – I LOVE clothes and jewelry and shoes and purses!

8. I taught tumbling to little girls in high school

9. I’m a hardcore Kansas State Wildcats fan

10. I love Kansas   City more than anything but I HATE the cold

11. I can’t get enough of trashy reality TV – Real Housewives, The Bachelor, you name it, I like it.

Madeline’s Questions for Me

1.Coffee or tea: Tea most days, but I have two cups of coffee a week as an indulgence
2. Mac and cheese or Ramen: 100% Mac and cheese!
3. Mac or PC: Used to be a PC girl now I’m Mac all the way
4. Chocolate or vanilla: Everyday is different – today I’m a chocolate girl
5. 1940s or 1960s: I love how simple life was in the 40s
6. Pizza: thin crust or deep dish: Thin Crust
7. Bunny-sized elephant or elephant-sized bunny: Bunny-Sized Elephant – I love all things miniature
8. Movie or TV show: TV Show – I don’t have much time these days for long movies
9. Newman or Redford: Newman
10. #1 food you’re picky about: I’ll eat anything, but I’d say I’m most “picky” about things being seasoned enough – I’m addicted to salt
11. #1 movie of all time: Kind of embarrassing but Cocktail with Tom Cruise

Blogs I Nominated:

1. Cookie Monster Cooking

2. Happy and Healthy Hour

3. The Cake Merchant

4. Buttercream Blondie

4. My Fair Baking

6. Cakes Crumbs Beach & Sand

7. Diva Eats Italia

8. Lemons & Anchovies

9. One Martini At a Time

10. A Family Feast

11. Chew Town

 11 Questions for Blogs I Nominate

I’m sticking with the, this or that question outline Madeline did.

1. Beach or Lake

2. Mexican or Italian

3. Beer or Wine

4. SUV or Car

5. Magazine or Book

6. California or Florida

7. Fruit or Veggies

8. Online Shopping or Physically Shopping

9. Cats or Dogs

10. Suburbs or City

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