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I’ve been a hardcore snacker my entire life (which according to my spell check isn’t an actual word, much to my dismay). When I came home from school as a kid, the first thing I reached for was something to nibble on. When I was in college and had free reign to stuff my pantry full of goodies, you could find me in between classes doing some serious damage on whatever I stocked up on for the week. Now, as an adult, my husband and I require a constant rotation of something to nosh on while I’m forcing him to watch episodes of Real Housewives, and he’s forcing me to watch Naked and Afraid.

Snacks are a lifeline.

Good Thins

My snack choices have evolved over the years, and these days, I like to keep my snacking smart, for fear of re-gaining those 10 pounds I packed on during my college years. As a food blogger, naturally, I’m always sucked into the latest and greatest food trends, so when I was offered the chance to try GOOD THiNS, a new brand of wholesome savory snacks from Nabisco/Mondelez International, I was SO down.

As a new mom, not only am I trying to make it a priority to make smarter choices for myself, but I want those choices to trickle down to my son, and GOOD THiNS are something I can feel good about eating. But! That doesn’t mean I will sacrifice flavor, and these guys are full of flavor and SO delish. The brand itself was created in response to consumer demand for delicious snacks that start off with real ingredients, but also pack a ton of flavor. I got to try the sweet potato version, which is the perfect balance of salty and sweet. They’re also super light and airy, making them the perfect snack to just pop in your mouth – and believe me, I did just that.

Be sure to pick up your favorite flavor at your local market!

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If you feel inclined, take a look at this cute video of kiddos talking about GOOD THiNS. We all know that kids are honest in a way that adults rarely are. They’re also difficult to please, which is why they make great go-to food critics!

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